Why Do We Need Accreditation?

  • Encourages school to review and revisit Mission and Beliefs.
  • The process examines all aspects of the school – philosophy and goals, community, programs and services, facilities, and finances.
  • Provides the school community an opportunity for feedback.  Faculty, parents, and students are given an opportunity to complete an online survey about various aspects of the school.
  • Information gathered from faculty, students and parents serves as a sound basis for school planning.
  • Accreditation helps to establish priorities for improvement by using feedback from community members.
  • The accreditation process validates the integrity of the school’s program and student transcripts to the public. Colleges want to see the school has been accredited, so they know the students have completed a rigorous academic program.
  • Accreditation keeps the school community looking to the future, rather than letting it become stagnant.