Back-to-School Paperwork

Medical Requirements (Before School Starts)

Please click here for information about required Back-to-School Medical Information.
The deadline is Thursday, August 20.

Required Online Forms (Before School Starts)

All Back-to-School forms should be completed online no later than Monday, August 24.  It should only take approximately 5 minutes to complete the forms.

The Back-to-School online forms can be found on the VISION Parent Portal.

Parents of incoming 7th graders will receive instructions the week of August 10 on how to set-up a VISION Parent Portal account in a mailed packet along with class schedules.  Parents of students new to YC in grades 8-12 will receive an email the week of August 3 with instructions on how to set-up a VISION Parent Portal account.  If you do not receive this information, please contact Mrs. Deb Gingerich at

Parents of students who have attended YC prior to the 2020-21 school year should use their existing VISION Parent Portal account. Do not create a new account.  If you did not set-up a Parent account since your child has been a student at YC, please email Mrs. Deb Gingerich at for instructions.

Click here to access the VISION Parent Portal.  You can also access VISION by visiting the York Catholic website at and clicking the VISION icon located in the bottom right corner.  It is also available under Quick Links or in the Announcements section on the home page.

Once you sign-in to your VISION Parent Portal, follow these steps:

  • Click MORE in the upper right corner.
  • Select FORMS.
  • Click on the yellow CONTINUE button under the Student(s) Name.
  • You will need to click on all of the links (one at a time) to complete the online forms process.
  • Once you click SUBMIT, please allow time for the software to process before closing.


If FORMS is not showing as an option for you, it indicates you are internally listed on your student(s) profile as “Contact 2.” At this time, the system will not allow us to permit Contact 2 to make changes online. If you, as Contact 2, have changes to your name, address, phone number, or email address, please contact Mrs. Deb Gingerich at Any changes made to Contact 2 online by Contact 1 will be verified with Contact 2 before being finalized.

Thank you for your attention in completing these required forms.

Required Paper Form 
(Before School Starts)

COVID-19 Required Form

The Diocese of Harrisburg requires all students (both in-school and virtual learners) to have a completed COVID-19 Acknowledgement form on file in York Catholic’s main office on the first day of school.  Please click here, print the form, complete it, and return it with your child to school on their first day.

Chromebook Agreement
To expedite Chromebook distribution, we are asking families to complete the Chromebook form and send it with your child on the first day of school.  Please be sure to make an insurance selection and that both the parent/guardian and the student sign the form.  Students with completed Agreement forms will receive their Chromebooks the first day of school.  Please click here for the Chromebook Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement form.

Additional Required Paper Forms (First Week of School)

All students will be given important forms on the first day of school.  If your student does not give these forms to you to complete and sign, please ask them for this required paperwork.  All forms are due Friday, August 28.

Back-to-School Packet 2020-21