Junior High One-Act Play


Auditions for the Junior High One-Act Play will be held February 14 and 15 from 3-4 PM in room 210.  Interested students in grades 7 and 8 should sign-up on the sheet outside of room 210.  Students will be assigned a piece of work to read and perform. Students will be given time to practice the piece and then time to perform it.


This year’s Junior High One Act Play is entitled, The Twilight Cone. It is Marcus’s first day working at the Twilight Cone, an ice cream shop owned by his great aunt. When his aunt must run an errand, Marcus forgets his promise to serve only vanilla while he is alone in the store. Strange things begin to occur (time is rewound or slowed down, just to name two) when unusual flavors of ice cream are ordered and eaten. What will happen to Marcus and those who order ice cream from the Twilight Cone?  The play is being performed Friday, March 23, from 7-7:30 PM in the auditorium.  Admission is free.

A spaghetti dinner will be prepared and served by Junior High Student Council members to families of 6th grade students at 6 PM prior to the start of the performance. All 6th graders will eat for free. A fee of $6 per person over the age of 5 will be charged to help cover the cost of food. Please RSVP to Rachel Shanko at rshanko@yorkcatholic.org with the 6th grader’s name, the family’s name, and the total number of people attending by March 15.  Click here for a flyer.