Re-enrollment Process

At York Catholic, we are grateful for your partnership with us in the education of your children who bless our community everyday with their talents.  Please read the following information thoroughly as it contains important information regarding course selection, re-enrollment, and tuition assistance for the 2018-2019 school year.

Course Selection

Junior High
Junior High students received a list of courses for 2018-2019.  Please review that list with them, provide the necessary parent signature, and return the course selection form with your 7th or 8th grade student by Friday, February 2, 2018.  Junior high students will register for courses online during computer class in early February.

Senior High
Senior High students should be talking with their subject level teachers regarding appropriate course selection for 2018-2019.  Beginning Monday, February 5, students in grades 9 through 11 will have access to the online course selection portal in MMS.  This will remain open for three weeks.  During this time, students should select their courses for next school year.  After completing the process online, students are instructed to print the course selection sheet and have each of their teachers sign next to the desired subject courses.  A parent signature is required as well.  These forms will be due February 23, 2018.

Parents, please take the time to click here to review our course catalog for next school year.   We are excited to be offering two new courses to include Women in Science, and Biology 1.5.  We are also looking forward to the return of Journalism as an English elective.

Please click here to be directed to more information about Course Selection beginning February 5.

An additional change in the academic schedule next year for both Junior High and Senior High involves the move to a static schedule.  Currently all courses rotate across an 8 day cycle.  Next year, we will move to a 6 day static cycle and all major courses will be offered at the same time daily.

In an effort to prepare for the budget and enrollment numbers for next year, we have aligned the re-enrollment process with our course selection once again. Tuition figures for next year will be published in early April after budget approval by the School Board.  In order to budget appropriately, we are asking families to re-enroll now.  The early re-enrollment fee is $150.00 per student by February 23, 2018.  After February 23, 2018, the re-enrolment fee will increase to $200.00, with an increase to $250.00 after April 6, 2018.  As in the past, $150.00 of the re-enrollment fee will be applied to your child’s 2018-2019 tuition.

Tuition Assistance
Our Advancement Department continues to work hard with our donors to increase tuition assistance opportunities for our students.  If you plan to apply for assistance, please be sure to do so no later than April 17, 2018.  If you require assistance in completing this application, you may make an appointment with our Business Office Manager, Ms. Heather Dougherty, March 20 or March 21, at 717-846-8871 x215 or

Please click on the following documents for information and/or completion:

Again, we thank you for choosing York Catholic and we look forward to a continued partnership with your family next school year.