Underclassmen Finals


Final examinations for students in Grades 8-11 are scheduled for Thursday, June 1; Friday, June 2; Monday, June 5.  It is important that all students are present for these exams.  Please do not arrange vacations during these days.  Student trips or vacations will not be approved.  Students will not be permitted to take a make-up exam due to a trip.

Thurs., June 1           English & Foreign Language
Fri., June 2                Math & Social Studies
Mon., June 5             Religion & Science

For most students, two exams will be scheduled for each day, except where conflicts will necessitate three.  The testing periods will be 60 minutes.  Students are to report directly to their first test each day; attendance will be taken in the testing rooms, not in the homerooms.  Should a student not have an exam until the second testing period, he/she need not report until that time.  If a student does not have an exam in the second exam slot, the student is free to leave school at 9:45 AM.

Approximate time frame for most students will be 8:15 AM until 11:00 AM.  School districts have re-arranged their pick-up times to accommodate our early dismissal.

Lunch will not be served on Exam days.

For grades 9-11, these semester exams will comprise 1/5 of the second semester grade.  Students in grade 8 will prepare for and take a final exam; this will be presented as a learning experience in preparation for the transition into senior high school.

In light of the importance of these exams and their scheduling, the only absence that will be accepted on these days will be with a doctor’s excuse.