Underclassmen Finals

Final examinations for students in Grades 8-11 are scheduled for Tuesday, June 1, Wednesday, June 2, and Thursday, June 3Junior High students will report to school all three days with classes through the morning and dismissal at 11 AM.

As a reminder, no trips will be approved during final exams (Student Handbook/Agenda pg. 31).  Students will not be permitted to take a make-up exam due to a trip.

For grades 9-11, these semester exams will comprise 1/5 of the second semester grade.  Students in grade 8 will prepare for and take a final exam; this will be presented as a learning experience in preparation for the transition into senior high school.  

Students who take more than one class in a major subject area will take the second conflict exam during the conflict time slot on the day of their scheduled exam.  The exam schedule is as follows:

June 1
Exam 1:  Math
Exam 2:  Social Studies
Exam 3:  Conflict Exams 

June 2
Exam 1:  Religion
Exam 2:  Science
Exam 3:  Conflict Exams 

June 3
Exam 1:  English
Exam 2:  Foreign Language 

In-Person & Virtual Students
8:15 AM – report to homeroom
8:40-9:40 AM – Exam 1
9:55-10:55 AM – Exam 2
11:00 AM – dismissal
11:10-12:10 PM – Conflict Exam

School districts will only pick-up at 11 AM.  Students testing in the AAC may be dismissed at a later time according to documented learning needs. All students are required to leave the building at the conclusion of exams unless staying for a supervised activity.