Athletic Staff

Name: Position: Phone: Email:
Kevin Bankos Athletic Director 846-8871 x214
Rick Luckman Athletic Director Emeritus 846-8871 x230
Brad Hayek Assistant Athletic Director 846-8871 x244
Kyle Smink Athletic Trainer email only

Please contact Kevin Bankos to get in touch with the following coaching staff:

Name:                                     Position:
Joe Gurreri Baseball – Varsity Head Coach
Ralph Obermeier Baseball – Varsity Assistant Coach
Mark Skehan Baseball – JV Head Coach
Blaine Claiborne Basketball – Boys’ Varsity Head Coach
Paul Brady Basketball – Boys’ Varsity Assistant Coach
Michael Sperring Basketball – Boys’ JV Head Coach
Dusty Boeckel Basketball – Boys’ Junior High Head Coach
Steve Finkenbinder Basketball – Boys’ Junior High JV Head Coach
Kevin Bankos Basketball – Girls’ Varsity Head Coach
Mike Weaver Basketball – Girls’ Varsity Assistant Coach
TBA Basketball – Girls’ JV Head Coach
Dave Salter Basketball – Girls’ Junior High Head Coach
TBA Basketball – Girls’ Junior High JV Head Coach
Lacey Harang Cheerleading – Fall Varsity Head Coach
Melissa Weisser Cheerleading – Fall Junior High Head Coach
Lacey Harang Cheerleading – Winter Varsity Head Coach
Melissa Weisser Cheerleading – Winter Junior High Head Coach
Jeff Alloway Cross Country – Varsity Head Coach
Carolyn Obermeier Cross Country – Junior High Head Coach
Erin Langione Cross Country – Junior High Assistant Coach
Eric Depew Football – Varsity Head Coach
Matt Sentz Football – Varsity Assistant Coach
Brad Hayek Football – Varsity Assistant Coach
Dave Gardner Football – Varsity Assistant Coach
Paul Dormer Football – Varsity Assistant Coach
Adam Sentz Football – Varsity Assistant Coach
Andrew Downing Football – Junior High Head Coach
John Kerchner Football – Junior High Assistant Coach
Mark Andrasi Football – Junior High Assistant Coach
William Brander Golf – Varsity Head Coach
Shane Harper Lacrosse – Boys’ Varsity Head Coach
Jeff Antolick Lacrosse – Boys’ Varsity Assistant Coach & JV Head Coach
Rob Linthicum Lacrosse – Girls’ Varsity & JV Head Coach
James Mullen Lacrosse – Girls’ Assistant Coach
Pat McShane Soccer – Boys’ Varsity Head Coach
Steve Finkenbinder Soccer – Boys’ JV Head Coach
Jose Portillo Soccer – Girls’ Varsity Head Coach
Milner Sosa Soccer – Girls’ Varsity Assistant Coach
Mark Baum Softball – Varsity Head Coach
TBA Softball – Varsity Assistant Coach
TBA Softball – JV Head Coach
Paige Mundy Tennis – Boys’ Varsity Head Coach
John Renard Tennis – Girls’ Varsity Head Coach
Bradley Snell Track – Senior High Coach
Carolyn Obermeier Track – Junior High Head Coach
Erin Langione Track – Junior High Assistant Coach
Jack Carey Track – Junior High Assistant Coach
Philip Autrey Volleyball – Varsity Head Coach
Alexander Kane Volleyball – Junior Varsity Head Coach
Phillip Autrey Volleyball – Junior High Head Coach
William Autrey Volleyball – Junior High Assistant Coach