Spring Sports

The Spring sports season begins in March and continues through May.  Some sports’ post-season play reaches into June.  Please contact the Athletic Director at kbankos@yorkcatholic.org get in touch with the coaches.  The following Spring sports are offered:

Senior High Baseball

Head Coach – Joe Gurreri
Assistant Coach – Ralph Obermeier
JV Head Coach – Cooper Ayres

Senior High Boys Lacrosse

Head Coach – Zach Lombardo
Assistant Coach/JV Head Coach – Adam Bricker
Assistant Coach – Michael Sterling

Senior High Girls Lacrosse

Head Coach – Rob Linthicum
Assistant Coach – Craig Smith
Assistant Coach – Jim Mullen

Junior High Boys Soccer

Head Coach – Tim Staub

Junior High Girls Soccer

Head Coach – Traci Gaito

Senior High Softball

Head Coach – Mark Baum
Assistant Coach – TBA
JV Head Coach – Byron Trout

Senior High Boys Tennis

Head Coach – John Renard

Senior High Track (with York Tech)

Head Coaches – Brad Snell & Joseph Marks

Junior High Track

Head Coach – Erin Langione
Assistant Coach – Emily Lentz
Assistant Coach – Kathryn Dill

Senior High Boys Volleyball

Head Coach – Philip Autrey

Junior High Girls Volleyball

Head Coach – Barbara Fretz
Assistant Coach – Phillip Autrey
Assistant Coach – William Autrey