A York Catholic student is unique!

Employers seek out our students and graduates because they notice something different about them – something special.  This subtle difference is often mentioned and duly recognized.  It is a source of pride for all those who support York Catholic.

“I find a lot of my York Catholic students are very well mannered and they have a real heart for helping out people that need a little bit of a helping hand and a little bit of a soft touch.”
~Kris Pollick, Catholic Harvest Food Pantry

YCHS has a reputation for high quality academics. Our students’ SAT scores are among the highest in the county and rank far above the state and national averages.  With our graduating class earning over $13 million in college scholarships, a York Catholic education proves to have a very favorable return on the investment.

As a Catholic school, we strive to form not only the mind, but also the person.  Our commitment to serve the larger community impels us to foster social awareness and encourage action for the common good.  Our students are required to perform community service, but most choose to serve well beyond the minimum hours necessary.  Our students recognize their role as life-long caretakers of their community.

Nearly 90% of YC students participate in extra-curricular activities. Sharing common interests and being encouraged to explore new hobbies help students to develop beyond the classroom.  Activity choices range from bowling to art club to Student Council to ping pong… YC has something for everyone.


“I am grateful to have learned from teachers who truly had their students’ best interests in mind and to have come from a unique high school experience that challenged me to grow.”

~ Ian Shelley ‘14