Junior High Events for 2016-2017


Football Tailgate**
September 16, 2016
5-7 pm

Halloween Dance*
October 28, 2016
7-9 PM

Christmas Dance*
December 9, 2016
7-9 PM

Valentine’s Dance*
February 10, 2017
7-9 PM

*   student only
** family activities

Junior High Events

Students in grades 7 & 8 have numerous opportunities throughout the year to enjoy social activities with their classmates.  Some activities are solely for students and are seen as a way to develop independence and social skills.  Other activities are for the entire family as a way for parents to meet and establish friendships.

Dates and times may change or be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control or lack of interest.  Students should listen for announcements concerning these matters.  In the event of school cancellations, the activities will also be cancelled.

For any questions about Junior High Events please contact the following:

Mrs. Stephanie Burns
717-846-8871 x303

Mr. Travis Lenz
717-846-8871 x324