1. By the year 2022, York Catholic seniors will demonstrate college and career proficiency as measured by:

 1A.  the creation of a six year writing plan that promotes mastery of multiple styles of academic writing

 Baseline 2014-15:

Curriculum Mapping/6 year writing plan               none
Curriculum Mapping /MLA Formatting                  none

1B.  a decrease in plagiarism infractions as students gain mastery with source citation and MLA/APA formatting

 Baseline 2014-15:

                 Documented plagiarism infractions                         pending

 1C.  an increase in the number of students who participate in a career shadowing or career mentoring program

 Baseline 2014-15:

 Numbers of total students participating                 19/93


  1. By the year 2022, York Catholic students will demonstrate improved academic achievement as measured by:

 2A. an increase in the number of students enrolled in STEM courses

 Baseline 2014-15:

Total students enrolled in STEM courses               1,364
Total students in a required STEM offering           1,016
Total students in an elective STEM offering          348

2B.  a 2 point increase in average math and science scores on the ACT

 Baseline 2104-15:

Average math score class of 2015                               22.1
Average science score class of 2015                           21.4

2C.  a 30 point increase in math scores from the PSAT to the SAT

 Baseline 2014-15:

Average PSAT math score class of 2015                   480
Average SAT math score class of  2015                     519

2D.  an increase in technological mobility and usage building wide

 Baseline 2014-15:

 Computer cart usage first semester 2014                29% of instructional time


3. By the year 2022, York Catholic will create and implement a long range facilities plan that ensures the physical campus is able to meet the projected learning needs of future students as measured by:

 3A.  an increase in total student population

 Baseline 2014-15:

 Total enrollment January 2015                                   603

 3B.  an increase in students enrolling from non-sending partner schools

 Baseline 2014-15:

                 New students from non-sending schools                   32

 3C.  the completion of projects targeting upgrades to the campus/facility

 Baseline 2014-15:

Three laptop computer carts purchased August 2014 at a total cost of $45,000
Office renovation project completed August 2014 at a total cost of $194,000