Middle States Steering Committee

The Middle States Steering Committee is comprised of administration, faculty, staff, current students, current and past parents of YC students, and alumni.  All have volunteered their time to serve.

The following served on the committee to reach our current accreditation:

Kathy Hand Co-Chair/Assistant Principal
Roxanne Castellanos Co-Chair/Staff
Katie Seufert Principal
Kevin Bankos Dean of Students
Mary Anne Burnside Faculty
Betsy Hanuska Faculty
Megan Wertz Faculty
Beth Freed Parent
Nance Montgomery Past Parent
Kristin Sperring Allen Alumna
Thomas Allen Alumni

In addition, student representatives serve on action planning teams.
Six students volunteered their time to participate in planning reviews and meetings:

Annie Javitt 2017
Katelyn Danczyk 2018
Srosh Matti 2018
Luke Motter 2019
Katy Rader 2019


The following are currently serving on the committee to reach our planned objectives:

Kathy Hand Chair / Director of Studies
Laura McShane Director of Staff Formation
Deb Gingerich Staff
Bob Graf Faculty
Christa Creavey Faculty
Pat Lichty Faculty
Beth Freed Parent
Patrick Freed Student – Class of 2020