York Catholic Campus Ministry

As a Catholic School, we strive to form not only the mind, but also the person. Catholic education is particularly rewarding because of the harmony of “fides et ratio” or “faith and reason.” When faith is integrated into a rigorous academic program, the students gain a more complete education and world view. A York Catholic education is meant to shape the development of students intellectually and spiritually so that they are drawn closer to God.

PRAYER:  Our school day begins and ends with prayer, and each class begins with prayer.  Classes also incorporate other celebrations, which may be Holy Mass, prayer services, and other devotional activities according to the liturgical year.

MASS: School-wide Masses and Prayer Services are celebrated approximately once a month, and on Holy Days of Obligation.  Attendance is mandatory for students and faculty.  It is expected that all conduct themselves with reverence.

RETREAT: As part of its total educational mission, the program of York Catholic High School includes an important opportunity during the school year for students to reflect on their lives as Christians and spend time developing their relationship with Christ.  Parents and students are informed of the required days of retreat.  Grades 7-11 participate in a one day class retreat. Seniors attend an overnight 2-day retreat.

SERVICE: To form habits in the area of service and encourage students to live out their faith, the school monitors a program of Corporal Works of Mercy in which each student is required to perform hours of non-remunerated service each year within a volunteer program or non-profit organization.  Senior High students are required to verify sixteen (16) hours of service and Junior High students are required to verify twelve (12) hours of service.  While this amount of time is minimal over the course of the year, it is important in teaching the merits of volunteer work, and their accountability for this requirement.  In addition, students are required to reflect on their service experience by writing short essays or completing projects and relating the essays to Scripture.  Organizations frequently contact York Catholic when volunteers are needed at their events.  Students can click here for a current list.

SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION:  The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered to the school-wide community three times a year:  at the beginning of the school year, and during the seasons of Advent and Lent.  Individual students may request the Sacrament by contacting our York Catholic chaplain via email.

CLUBS:  Our Campus Ministry clubs help students form friendships and practice leadership centered on faith.  There is a senior high group and a junior high group.