Our school seal symbolizes our ideals, what we are, and the means by which we hope to reach our goals.“In the cross salvation” – the cross is a symbol of our Catholicity by which we hope to receive the crown, whose seven points remind us of the seven joys and seven sorrows of Our Lady.

Through her we hope to reach our destiny, and so with implicit faith in her power, our motto, “Maria Impende Juvamen” –“O Mary, bestow your aid” is an echo of St. Bernard’s Memorare, while the monogram, M. I., Maria Immaculata, signifies the chosen title of our Patroness.

Besides Our Lady’s monogram, the shield, which is the symbol of the battle of righteousness, bears several other significant designs. The background is made up of lines and dots, which in heraldry represent green and gold respectively, our school colors.

Ecclesiastical and civil authorities are symbolized. The crescent is representative of the Bishop of Harrisburg, and the white rose representative of the city of York.

The eight stars that support the seal represent those who make Catholic education possible for us – the parishes of the York Deanery.