“The students here at York Catholic, as well as the faculty members, and even the staff, whether it’s the janitors or the lunch ladies, they see a place where Christ is continually the invisible but the present teacher in the classroom and in our halls.”
~Father Jon Sawicki, former York Catholic Chaplain

“One of the best things I have received at York Catholic is the deeper knowledge and appreciation I now have for my faith.  I have been taught the moral views of my faith which will assist me while making decisions in my future.”
~Josh Elsen ‘13

“At York Catholic, we partner with our families to provide children with a quality education that goes beyond the books and to enrich them in faith, mind, and heart in alignment with their family’s moral compass.“
~Katie Seufert, Principal



“We have great teachers and great students who work together to be sure everyone succeeds academically.”
~Lindsey China ‘16

“I was afraid, like most, about writing my first big college paper.  Now after reading a few of my classmates’ papers today, it is safe to say York Catholic prepared me for beyond what is being expected.”
~ Deanna Chesko ‘14

“I would like to take a moment to brag because after I received my first graded college paper I got an A and the compliment that it was the “best response in the class.”  I was reminded of how grateful I am to you and the other English teachers for preparing me for this!”
~ Anonymous

“All that essay prep for the AP test has started to come in handy because my current college class is based solely on the books we read outside of class and the tests are essays that are very similar to those of the AP test in the sense that we have to pick out a recurring theme or idea and apply it to the subjects we discuss in class. Those “picking apart the question” skills and the “you must outline your essay before you write it or else it will be a mess” mentality have helped me tremendously.”
~Maggie Javitt ‘14

“My husband and I just wanted to send you a huge ‘thank you’ for filling your school with such wonderful, caring teachers.  They have all given our son such a positive learning and special memories this past year… What a great group of people who all go above and beyond just teaching our children.  We are looking forward to another great year next year and again thank you and your staff for all you have done for our son and all the students at YC!”
~Kim and Shayne Smith, Parents of Current YC Student

“I want thank you for preparing me for college. We recently read and discussed ‘The Things They Carried’ in my War in Fiction class, and my professor was very impressed when I brought up the intangible objects that they carried, so thank you for that! I can honestly say that out of everything, I felt most prepared to take on college writing assignments and I have you to thank.”
~Maggie Allen ‘15

“I was actually waiting to email you until I received my first grades back on papers I have written so far to show you how well your teachings have guided me. I am taking a required honors rhetoric class in which we read essays and write responses to them. I just got my first one back today, I got a 95. Not too shabby.”
~Patricia Mezza ’15



“I have never walked into a high school that does not have locks on their lockers.  Never once have I worried about someone stealing something out of my locker or gym bag.  York Catholic is the only high school I know that has frequent money turn-ins at the office.  It boggles my mind that the students at York Catholic do not even think twice about turning in money to the lost and found.”
~Nicole Krevetski ‘13

“I find a lot of my York catholic students are very well mannered and they have a real heart for helping out people who are in need of a little bit of a helping hand and a little bit of a soft touch.”
~Kris Pollick, Catholic Harvest Food Pantry

“York Catholic sent representatives from their band to lead us in the parade of Olympians, and to lead us in the Star Spangled Banner.  We cannot thank you enough for allowing them to participate.  Those students did whatever was asked of them, and we certainly thank each one of your participants.”
~Treva Grove, Chair, Optimist Olympics Committee

“An extremely self-conscious, awkward, shy, and lonely new girl became a team captain, a Prom Queen, and a person representing her class in giving a public speech because you cared enough to welcome me and encourage me to be whomever I wanted.”
~ Hannah Laslo ‘15

“When your hands are deep in the clay of your character traits, try to remember where you came from.  By implementing the values we learned in and out of the classrooms of this high school into our new selves, we can be great.  Remember when a passing smile comforted your loneliness, remember when someone found and reported your lost money and relieved your stress, remember when a classmate explained and solved a problem to alleviate your confusion and remember it happened right here at YC.”
~ Hannah Laslo ‘15



“I not only received an education at York Catholic, I became part of a long-term family that I will forever and always be able to depend on if needed.”
~Ciara Wood ‘13

“Not once did I feel out of place or unwanted because of a judgmental student body.  Here, groups of friends are based on likes, dislikes, beliefs, and values; not race, gender, or social stigmas.  I’ve come to value individuality and accept people for who they are.”
~Dee Dee Davis ‘13

“All of the people I met were welcoming and offered me nothing but kindness. The experience brought me nothing but life-lessons and positive opportunities.  I am confident that I will be able to transition into college perfectly, make new friends and continue to grow.”
~Tara Kowal ‘13

“We’re a small Catholic school but we’re also one big family.”
~LaVon Maxwell ‘14

“York Catholic is filled with so many wonderful people, it helps to ease my worries knowing my daughter is surrounded by so many teachers and staff who really care.”
 Jennifer Schneider Murphy ‘92

“My daughter is loving the school, support from the teachers and office staff. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all the love, respect and support your staff has extended towards her and myself it is so much appreciated. Bless you and our school….it is a breath of fresh air.”
~ Angie Henry, parent

“Very first day of school, he just kind of bounced downstairs and he’s like, ‘I am ready for this school year.  I love my school.  The teachers are great.’  It made me feel so relieved.  You guys are just an extended family – sort of like sending them off to the aunts or uncles.  You just know everything’s going to be great.”
~Rebekah Alfano, parent

“My husband and I are eternally grateful for this past year with Rachele (international student from Italy).  When we reflect on this God-send, how each step was orchestrated, as though she was chosen just for us, and as always, with His impeccable timing.  We feel as though we’ve known her forever, and absolutely love her.  Not having children of our own, we have enjoyed so many milestones with her that we never thought possible.  Imagine at our age, shopping for school supplies for the first time, driving to and from school each day, and going to our first Parents Night, not to mention Graduation, and loving every minute of it.  We have learned a whole new meaning to the word “giving” and her presence has enabled a deeper love in our hearts.  We have had the most interesting, fun-filled, gratifying, heartwarming, and fulfilling experience that we could ever dream of.  Our hopes are that we provided a secure and comfortable environment for her, established a family atmosphere, supported her education, and helped her grow spiritually.  We pray that we have made a difference in her life as she has in ours.  Our thanks to YC for the opportunity, for the guidance of the faculty, and for the invaluable education that she desired.”
~Frannie ’71 and Darren Surdich ‘78