Fall Sports – Tickets & Livestreams

Updated 10/6/20

On October 6, Governor Wolf amended existing COVID-19 orders to allow for adjusted capacity to gathering limits while keeping in place the proven mitigation tools that include wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.  The Governor’s adjusted order allows for 20% capacity for indoor events and 25% capacity for outdoor events. Those numbers include players/participants, coaches, trainers, security, medical, athletic game management, etc. The Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) has instructed schools to follow the State of Pennsylvania directives regarding these capacity limits. With that direction, beginning Friday, October 9, York Catholic will follow these spectator guidelines:

Varsity Football Games (including Marching Band & Cheerleaders)
We will allocate 2 tickets per YC student participant, per home game. The tickets will be given to the head coach/moderator to be given to each YC student participant.  The admission gate will open at 6:15 PM.

JV and Junior High Football Games
We will allocate 2 tickets per player, per game. The tickets will be given to the head coach to be given to each player.

Boys and Girls Soccer Games
We will allocate 2 tickets per player, per game. The tickets will be given to the head coach to be given to each player.

Girls Volleyball Games
We will allocate 2 tickets per player, per game. The tickets will be given to the head coach to be given to each player.

Cross Country Meets and Golf Matches
Both sports are off of our property in public places. While we do not regulate our off-site venues, we ask that all of our spectators respect our host parks and courses and observe social distancing guidelines and Pennsylvania’s face covering mandate. York Catholic fans are expected to follow the 2 people per player rule at these events.  No fans will be permitted at the end of season league tournament.

Tennis Matches
Unfortunately, York Catholic was informed by Penn State York that, due to COVID-19, we could not use their courts for our home tennis matches this season. As a result, all matches will be away matches. Therefore, we need to follow the opposing teams’ rules, which, as of now, do not allow for any away fans at tennis matches.  No fans will be permitted at the end of season league tournament.

General Rules for Home YC Athletic Events

  • All fans will be asked COVID-19 screening questions before entering.
  • All fans MUST wear face coverings during the events on school property.
  • Fans must maintain at least a 6 feet social distance between themselves and the fans near them, unless they reside in the same household.
  • Spectators will not be permitted to stand outside the fence area and watch the games. Any spectator doing so will be asked to leave.
  • All spectators must remain in the designated bleacher/sitting areas.
  • Spectators may not stand on the blacktop track around turf or grass areas.
  • All spectators will be asked to leave immediately after a game is completed. No congregating or meeting the players on or around the field/gym will be permitted.
  • For outdoor events, use of indoor school facilities will not be available. Portable restrooms will be available at the field.
  • No concession stands will be open during the games. No outside food or beverages are permitted at games.
  • No visiting fans will be permitted.  York Catholic fans are also not permitted at away games. This is a reciprocal agreement among all teams in the league.
  • Tickets are not transferable. Any tickets that will not be used must be returned to the student’s head coach prior to the game.
  • There will be no re-entry to athletic events. Please be sure to bring everything from your vehicle that you will need during the event.
  • Stadium admission will be from the school-side gate only. The alley gate will not be used this season.

Home games will be live streamed from the stadium and gymnasium. Please click below and save to your Favorites:

York Catholic Stadium:

York Catholic Gymnasium:

Away Games (click on the name of the host school):



This is and will be a fluid plan. We will continue to adjust as needed based on updated direction from the governing bodies (PA, PIAA, YAIAA). The safety protocols for all involved (participants, staff, and fans) are our first priority. The next priority is to give the students as many events as we can to get the full experience of middle and high school. We all understand having the support of parents, friends, and classmates is important to the students performing. At this time providing the students performing the experience they have earned is the goal. We ask all fans to comply with the rules and regulations we are under today so the students will not lose the opportunity of those experiences in the future.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Kevin Bankos
Director of Operations/Athletic Director