Junior High One-Act Play

This year’s Junior High One Act Play is entitled, Loonies and Snatchers. An undercover policeman is sitting on a park bench impersonating a woman in the hopes of catching a purse snatcher red-handed. To his surprise, there is more than one purse snatcher, or so he thinks. Passersby, including a jogger escaping a vicious dog, a harried business woman, a male model and others, become victims of wacky experiences. On top of that, three patients have gone missing from the hospital located close to the park and the lady the undercover cop was impersonating shows up as well. It all adds up to 30 minutes of inspired lunacy.

The play is being performed Friday, March 29, from 7-7:30 PM in the auditorium. Following the play, enjoy an ice cream party in the cafeteria.

The play and ice cream are free, but please RSVP to rshanko@yorkcatholic.org with the number of people attending the ice cream party so we know how much to order.