Picture Re-take Day

Any students (in-school or virtual) who did not have their pictures taken on our original Picture Day or who wish to have their picture re-taken, should report to the gymnasium Thursday, January 21.  Virtual students should report at 7:30 AM.  When virtual students have completed their photos, in-school students will be called to the gymnasium after 8:30 AM. Students requesting a re-take should bring their original photo package. There is no charge to have pictures taken or re-taken for your yearbook portrait. If you wish to purchase additional photos, place orders online by going to www.mylifetouch.com PRIOR to January 21 and using Picture Day ID# TXTWJCTVE (note: this is a different code than the original Picture Day in the fall).

In addition to the portrait photos, Lifetouch also takes candid action shots at sporting events, music events, and school events throughout the school year that are available for purchase.  These photos are tweet/posted on the YC website under Current Students-Resources-Photos.  http://yorkcatholic.org/current-students/resources/photos/

If there is ever an error with your photo order, please contact Lifetouch at 1-800-743-8997 or ltcustomerservice@lifetouch.com.  Their Customer Service Department will be best equipped to correct your order or answer your questions.