Winter Sports

Winter Practices Open

Winter sports teams begin practice on Friday, November 19.  For exact practice times, contact the head coach or Mr. Bankos at or 717-846-8871 x214.


Online Paperwork Due

Students wishing to participate in winter athletics must file the following paperwork online at

  • PIAA Physical Form
  • Athlete & Parent Agreement (last page of physical form)
  • ImPACT Test

Students wishing to play a winter sport MUST have all paperwork uploaded to no later than Friday, November 9, at 3 PM if it is not already on file from playing a Fall sport.

Failure to submit the paperwork by the deadline will mean the student will not be permitted to practice the first day of the season.  For some sports, this could mean the student will not make the team.

Visit the General Information section of Athletics page of the YC website for the procedure and link to Arbiter Athlete. Contact Mr. Hayek at to learn if a valid ImPACT test is on file.