YC Christmas Cash Calendar Winners

If you entered the YC Christmas Cash raffle in October,
check here each day of December to see if you are the lucky winner!

When we pull a purchaser’s calendar number/name on a specific date in December,
the winner will receive the amount noted on that date (we are not using PA Lottery numbers).

Winners will also be notified by email and winning raffle amounts will be mailed weekly.



December 1 $50 James Cardascia
December 2 $25 Joe Cooper
December 3 $25 Beverly Julius
December 4 $25 Michelle Mulligan
December 5 $25 John Lutter
December 6 $100 Ann Giesselbach
December 7 $50 Peggy Koontz
December 8 $100 Ross Memphis
December 9 $25 Brad Miller
December 10 $25 Samuel Brezler