All students are required to wear the appropriate uniforms
as outlined in the Student Handbook.

These uniforms can only be purchased from
Flynn & O’Hara uniform company.

Pants, skirts, skorts, shorts, polo shirts, sweaters, and blazers must be purchased from our uniform company, Flynn & O’Hara. Other items may be purchased elsewhere. Students will be in uniform upon entering the building. All students are expected to be neat and well-groomed at all times.

Flynn & O’Hara encourages parents to shop early and take advantage of the many convenient ways to shop for school uniforms. Parents are encouraged to avoid the long lines and waits by shopping before August 1 in one of these three ways:

  • Flynn & O’Hara store located at 869 Eisenhower Boulevard in Harrisburg, 717-939-5600.
  • Flynn & O’Hara phone order at 800-441-4122.
  • Flynn & O’Hara online store accessible through the links to the right.

Dress Code
(at all times):

  • All uniform attire should be in good repair, free of holes and tears
  • All shirts/blouses must be tucked in
  • Top button on boys dress shirts are to be buttoned
  • Girls dress blouses may have one button undone
  • Trousers are at waist level with visible belt – in black, brown, or tan without writing
  • Skirts can be no more than 2” above knee (front & back)
  • Tie must be pulled to neck
  • Hair for males should be well groomed, not in eyes, not over the shirt collar or the ears
  • Male students will be cleanly shaven; young men in need of a shave will shave on site
  • Dress shoes according to shoe policy
  • Only plain white undergarments/undershirts or YC gym t-shirt under uniform shirt are permitted


Prohibited Dress Code Items:

  • Extreme style or fads
  • Shaven configuration/ridgelines in hair
  • Unnatural hair colors, including bleaching/frosting, in males
  • Body piercing of tongue/eyebrows/nose/other parts of body, no ear gauges
  • Earring for males
  • Unnatural color contacts
  • Sideburns longer than the ear lobe
  • Visible tattoos
  • Bandanas/scarves in hair
  • Chains hanging from belts/pants

Administration has final judgment on what is deemed reasonable.

Gym Uniform: 

All students, male and female, are required to wear a YCHS physical education uniform consisting of:

  • Official white YC logo t-shirt
  • Official green shorts with YC logo on side
  • Crew socks/athletic socks
  • Sneakers

Students should purchase Physical Education shirts and shorts online from the Spirit Store found on the YC website at