Guidance Counselors


Name: Position: Phone:
Mrs. Eva Hess Grades 11 & 12 846-8871 x19
Mrs. Jamie Loughman LIU Guidance Counselor Grades 8, 9, 10 718-5825
Mrs. Heather Rohrer LIU Guidance Counselor
Grades 7
Mrs. Terry Gentzel LIU Mathematics 718-5828
Mrs. Kathy Langley LIU Reading 718-5827
Mrs. Dianne Schildt LIU Guidance Secretary 718-5829
Mrs. Roxanne Castellanos Career Room Coordinator 846-8871 x43


York Catholic Counseling Services

  • At least three student interviews scheduled, group or individual, with a counselor each year
  • Parent conferences as needed or requested, including school parent conference night
  • Psychological services (referral information)
  • Family consultation and counseling
  • Student Assistance Program for referred students with drug, mental health concerns, and issues such as grief, stress, anxiety, and divorce
  • Collaboration with faculty and staff about student needs and problems
  • Personal counseling to school personnel

York Catholic College Counseling

  • College and post secondary school counseling (including applications for admission, scholarship and financial aid)
  • Small group meetings with college representatives
  • Evening workshops with parents and/or students on College Information and Financial Aid
  • Guidance services to York Catholic graduates
  • SAT and ACT advising and information on SAT/ACT Prep classes
  • PSAT Administration for all juniors
  • Advanced Placement (AP) examination program at York Catholic for AP students
  • Standardized aptitude and achievement testing program
  • Orientation program for new high school students
  • Collection and recording of student extracurricular activities and awards
  • Collection and posting of part-time job openings
  • Access to armed services recruitment personnel
  • Guidance services to student athletes, including NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse communications

York Catholic Career Services

  • Program of career counseling and education, including biannual Career Day
  • Mock Interviews for junior students
  • Career resource center (Guidance Center)
  • Internet links to college and career search information
  • Assistance with Job Shadowing programs
  • Coordination for selection of students to participate in various leadership and academic programs, i.e., Hoby Leadership, Distinguished Young Women, JA Symposium, Rotary Conferences, etc.
  • Assistance to find Career Mentoring Opportunities
  • Participation in the Career Opportunities Program (COPS)
  • Membership in community school/work partnership groups

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Services
We are pleased to have Sara Gales helping our students once a month.  Sara comes to us from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in York.  She provides services for juniors and seniors who have a documented learning disability, physical disability, or mental health diagnosis.  OVR offers career and college counseling; testing and assessments; and scholarship information.  Sara also provides great practical tips on getting ready for the world after high school whether it is college, a post secondary school, or work.  To register your child for this service, talk with your child’s guidance counselor.

Student Assistance Program
This program is in place at York Catholic to identify students who are having difficulties in school due to difficult life experiences, alcohol or drug use, depression, or other mental health problems.  Referrals are made to the Student Assistance Team by teachers, counselors, staff, parents, peers, and sometimes by the students themselves.  After reviewing the referral, if the team finds sufficient reason to believe there is a problem, a formal, confidential information gathering process is started, and a meeting with the student and the parents is scheduled.  The team works with the student and his or her family to develop a course of action to resolve the identified problems.  Currently the Student Assistance Team includes Miss Anderson, Mrs. Obermeier, Mrs. Hamilton, Ms. McGraw, Mr. Keesey, and the guidance counselors.  For more information, please see the Student Assistance Brochure and Parent Permission Form on the Forms and Documents page of this website or consult the student Agenda.

Bully Prevention Program
The YCHS community sees as part of its mission the development of an environment of mutual respect for all of its members.  Those members include students, families, faculty, administration, and staff.  YCHS has established a “Bullying Prevention Committee” which is committed to protecting our students from damaging types of behaviors.  To this end, the committee has established a system whereby bullying is identified and appropriate action is taken.  For more information, please see the Student Handbook or click here to view the brochure.

York County Alliance for Learning Mentoring Programs
Mentoring programs are available in York County for high school juniors and seniors with a strong interest in the following careers:  accounting, architecture, banking, construction, culinary arts, engineering, entrepreneurship, fine arts, health care administration, the hotel and hospitality industry, human services, insurance,  I.T., law enforcement, and manufacturing.  Information about each program can be seen at  In 2012-2013, ten York Catholic students participated in the various mentoring programs and found them to be exciting and worthwhile.  While each program runs a little differently, they are basically after school progrms once a month (or twice for the ACE Mentoring) from late afternoon to early evening from October until May.  Each program includes hands on projects; students gain valuable knowledge from the mentors; and some programs even feed you supper.  All York County schools may participate.  Students should apply by mid-September in order to participate in the program for that current school year.  Please see Mrs. Hess in the Guidance Office if you have any questions.