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Awards Ceremonies

Awards Ceremonies

Family members are invited to join us at the annual Awards Assemblies planned for our students who will be honored for their academic, service, and musical achievements.


Grade 12 & May Crowning

The Senior Awards Ceremony and May Crowning will be held Friday, May 19, at 8:30 AM in the auditorium. Parents of seniors are welcome to attend. 


Grade 9-11:

Tuesday, May 30, we will host High School Awards, Junior Ring Ceremony, and High School Student Council Inductions at 10:20 AM.  At the conclusion of the assembly, 9th and 10th graders will report to class and 11th graders will enjoy the Junior Ring Reception.  Middle School will run on a regular schedule. 

The Awards Ceremonies for Grades 7-11 will include all awards except those that require a final average for the year to be recognized (the top of the class for the year and honors all 4 quarters).  During the first week of school in August at the 2023-24 Back to School Mass with the entire student body, we will take an extra 15 minutes to welcome 7th grade and recognize all 8th through 12th graders who earned end of the year awards the previous year as a result of their final average.


Grade 7-8:

Friday, June 2, we will host Middle School Awards combined with 8th Grade Moving On & Middle School Student Council Inductions at 9:30 AM.  At the conclusion of the assembly, 7th graders will report to class and 8th graders will enjoy the Moving On Reception.  High School students will be completing their last day of final exams. 

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