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Fine Arts

Engaging Arts Experiences

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At YC, an integrated approach to arts education is rooted in creating opportunities for students at all levels to explore their artistic interests, cultivate their skills and develop an understanding and appreciation for the value of the arts in our community.

Whether a student is interested in trying a new instrument or exploring a new art technique or is an experienced performer seeking to hone their craft and bridge their high school arts experiences into their higher education path and eventually their career, York Catholic delivers the integrated arts and music programming to help them achieve their goals. Our YC artists, performers and musicians have gone on to do amazing things as art teachers, working artists, graphic designers, musicians, professional stage managers and so much more.

From helping fulfill aspirations for a career in art, to guiding students to get the most out of their arts experiences to help them grow their confidence and abilities in creative expression, communication, applied theory and more, there are so many incredible ways YC is integrating arts in education.

We encourage you to browse this section to discover the range of artistic paths available to YC students. If you have questions or would like to learn more, get in touch. We would love the opportunity to share additional information and answer your questions.


Visuals Arts Education

Check out the range of available clubs and activities along with advisor contact information.

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Performing Arts Opportunities

Learn about the many ways students can express themselves on stage and behind-the-scenes.

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Dynamic Music Programs

Learn more about the dynamic arts programs available at YC.

Fine Arts

Visual Arts at YC

Students at YC have a wide range of opportunities to develop their talents and refine their skills across traditional and digital visual arts courses and activities. From taking an introductory class or participating in an arts club to pursue a new interest, to engaging in a more intensive arts-focused educational tract that includes the ability to participate in AP courses and achieve college credit, YC helps students develop an appreciation for the arts that inspires creative expression, confidence, critical and philosophical thinking.

Our student artwork is on display across our community and many YC students who choose an art continuing education and career tract at YC, go on to receive scholarships to continue to grow their craft at prestigious arts colleges and universities and then are able to successfully transition into an art career.  Check out our middle school course catalog and our high school course catalog for information on available classes and browse our middle school clubs and high school activities pages to learn more about available art programs.

YC Performing Arts

Whether a student is interested in being center stage or behind the scenes, York Catholic delivers engaging performing arts experiences created to cultivate their skills and help them explore their interests. YC students interested in making performing arts their career are able to explore their dreams using their YC education as a springboard to higher education in their craft. Our wide range of performing arts experiences include:

Middle School Play & High School Musical

Students collaborate as the cast, stage crew, pit orchestra, and costume crew to produce our annual middle school play and high school musical, cultivating skills across both the technical production and performance sides of the performing arts industry. A popular activity at both levels, there are a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved and many students who participate in other activities (including athletics and the National Honor Society) also join the productions each year.

YC Coffee Houses

Twice a year, our high school students come together for a coffee house-style program where creative expression can come in the form of spoken word, music, visual presentation and so much more.

Talent Show

This highly anticipated annual program allows students to showcase their talents and interests and encourages collaboration in planning and presentation.

Community Performances

YC students actively perform at locations across the community for small groups and larger audiences.

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hs musical snoopy dancing
middle school musical performance on stage
female clarinet marching band

Making Music at YC

At YC, students of all levels have the opportunity to explore their musical interests. For those new to music, introductory experiences provide a chance to learn and build confidence. For those with experience, enriching education and performance activities provide opportunities for growth and development.

York Catholic’s music program places high value on the benefit of music education for all of our students. From music in the classroom that offers classes from introductory levels through College in the Classroom courses for college credit, to opportunities to participate in the band, choir or as part of a number of music ensembles and clubs, YC students are afforded a full range of opportunities to actively engage in music as part of their middle school and high school experiences.

Nearly 35% of YC students actively participate in a music club or activity and the opportunity to participate is made available to students of all skill and experience levels. You don’t need to be a pro when you begin. At YC, you can take a risk and try a new instrument. If you’re an experienced player who is working to make music a part of your higher education or career experience, YC can help you achieve those dreams.

Local, Regional & National Acclaim

Student’s in YC’s Music program are regularly invited to participate (and receive top placements and recognition) in regional, district and state competitions. Our YC musicians also make regular appearances around the community, performing for groups and at events. Many YC student musicians receive offers of music scholarships to their selected colleges and universities.

YC Music Association

All family members of current students involved in YC music programs are members of the York Catholic Music Association (YCMA). The YCMA exists to provide the music programs with volunteer service and financial support.

Meetings occur the third Tuesday of each month in the evening at York Catholic. Specific dates can be found on the school calendar and participation is welcome and appreciated. The support of our YCMA volunteers is critical to ensuring continued delivery of high-quality musical programs at YC. For more information about ways to get involved with YCMA, contact

Volunteers Needed

Parents, guardians, and grandparent volunteers are a critical part of YCMA’s ability to support our YC student musicians. If you are interested in learning more about available opportunities or would like to consider a leadership role in YCMA, please reach out. We appreciate your interest.

YC Singer Receives National Recognition


Emily Danczyk ’22 represented Pennsylvania in the 2020 NAfME All-National Honor Ensemble (ANHE) Mixed Choir. ANHE performers are selected by a rigorous audition process—including qualification for district, regional, and all-state ensembles. The choir consists of 241 vocalists, and ANHE festivals showcase the top-performing high school musicians from all 50 states.

Mentored by Ms. Cecelia Mezza, Emily began auditioning for PMEA choral festivals after seeing friends attend instrumental festivals. She is the first York Catholic student to perform in an ANHE festival. Emily is musically inspired by her friends and directors, and she constantly strives to further her musical education.

We thank Emily for representing York Catholic so well with her participation in the following activities:

York Catholic Music Association:

  • York Catholic Concert Band
  • York Catholic Concert Choir
  • York Catholic Marching Band (section leader, 2018-2022)
  • York Catholic Jazz Band, vocal soloist
  • York Catholic Woodwind Ensemble
  • York Catholic Coffeehouse performer
  • York Catholic Basketball Pep Band
  • York Catholic Graduation Band and Choir
  • York Catholic Spring Musical

Representing YC in the community for music:

  • NAfME All-National Mixed Choir (2020)
  • NAfME All-East Mixed Choir (2021)
  • PMEA All-State Chorus
  • PMEA Region 5 Chorus
  • PMEA District 7 Chorus
  • York County Honors Choir (featured soloist, 2018-2020; Synergy/Concorde, 2018-2020)
  • York County Honors Band (2019-2020)

Other activities (YC and non-YC):

  • HOBY Alumna (ambassador, 2020; Team Alumni/FITIt, 2021)
  • National Honor Society (Class of 2022 Historian)
  • York Catholic Speech Contest, first-place finalist (2020)
  • Distinguished Honor Roll Student
  • Student Ambassadors
  • Student Council (representative, 2016-2019; Junior High Exec Board, 2017-2018)
  • York Catholic Costume Crew
  • Mathcounts (2016-2018)
  • Girl Scouts
  • Altar Server at St. Joseph Catholic Church, York

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