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Community Engagement

Inspired to Serve Together

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At YC, inspiring the next generation of community advocates and stewards is at the heart of our approach to championing the value of service. By empowering our students to be engaged members of society who are ready to serve our global community, we are preparing them to be leaders and advocates for the power of service to lift us up personally and in faith.

The Christian values we teach are at the heart of our shared calling to serve and the commitment to service that unites our YC family transcends those students and faculty who walk our halls. This fundamental spirit of giving back also encompasses our alumni and the families of our students who support their children in their efforts to serve.

Integrated Service Opportunities

Learning the values of integrity, responsibility and selflessness are central to York Catholic’s integrated approach to service in education. Students participate in community-building activities both on and off campus as part of their academic coursework and take leadership roles in service projects as part of their participation in extracurricular clubs and activities. Through each service experience, students gain invaluable lessons as they are inspired to understand that service is not just something you do, but a way you live.

Service also helps our YC young adults grow as learners and leaders, solidifying core principles of responsibility, communication, collaboration, commitment and so much more. These traits and experiences are what today’s colleges and universities are seeking as they look for students who stand out from their peers.

As students progress through their time at YC, they are encouraged to take increasingly proactive roles in matching their interests and passions with the needs of the community to create personally meaningful service opportunities. To learn more about YC’s integrated approach to service in education, contact us. We look forward to sharing more information on the inspiring work of our students and faculty.

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A Celebration of Character: YC Service Awards

Our annual YC service awards recognize the members of our middle school and high school student body who go above and beyond in service to others and exemplify the character we inspire to instill in our students. Each year, we honor and celebrate our exceptional students for their work to support our community and improve our world. To learn more about this year’s award-winning students and their service opportunity projects, reach out.

Above & Beyond the Call to Serve

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Asher Clarke ‘23 completed over 300 hours of service at Summit Grove Camp and Conference Center in New Freedom, PA.  Asher shared his story about his volunteer experience:

“Summit Grove is a place where you can encounter God with others and enjoy it. I worked as a junior volunteer and worked mainly with the 4-5th graders. We are taught in life to help others in any way we can. That’s why I decided to spend my time volunteering and teaching the next generation about Jesus Christ and what he did for all of us. Summit Grove has been a spiritual hot spot for 220 years and counting! Summit Grove is a place for everyone to learn about God in a safe environment. I should know, I went as a camper in elementary school. The counselors are open to all questions and will try to the best of their abilities to help your understanding of the faith. Summit Grove is about finding God; however, it can also help you become a better person in the grand scheme of things. Helping campers grapple with questions about their faith helps them grow in their spiritual journey. I volunteered at Summit Grove to help people unlock their relationship with God.”

In addition to volunteering over 300 hours, Asher also spends his time being involved at York Catholic in soccer, lacrosse, and German Club.

Well done, Asher!

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