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Middle School Courses & Requirements

The middle school experience at YC is focused on supporting our younger students through a seamless transition from elementary school into a high school learning experience. Students are encouraged to explore and experience a range of subjects woven together in an interdisciplinary approach to learning. A key part of the journey focuses on uncovering their areas of interest and helping them learn how they can connect to their future in high school, college and beyond.

Small class sizes and the personal approach to counseling and support ensures each student receives personal attention and focus. By meeting each student where they are in their learning journey, we can help them map out a path to continue to grow through a comprehensive, challenging, and integrated approach that includes a focus on developing core skills like responsibility, time management, communication and the ability to prioritize. We also recognize the critical role family involvement plays in this phase of our students’ lives and our faculty, staff and administration take great care to open lines of communication to engage families as an active part of their child’s education experience.

We invite you to browse our middle school course catalog and check out YC’s integrated approach to helping our middle schoolers master key concepts, become critical thinkers and curious learners.

We follow a rotating schedule every 6 days and each day is assigned a letter (A-day, B-day, etc.).  Within each day, there are 8 class periods plus one lunch period. Take a look at a sample Middle School schedule to get an idea of how our students spend their day.

Creating the Path for College Success

Discover how the experiences our students receive in middle school contribute to their success in college and beyond.

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