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Why York Catholic?

The Future is Bright at YC!

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When you walk through the door, you can feel it – the indescribable energy that comes from a place where every student is known, cared for, inspired to learn, and thrives in and out of the classroom. If you are seeking a school that prioritizes academics alongside personal well-being and encourages students to cultivate their passions through diverse learning and extracurricular activities, it’s time to consider making YC a part of your story.

Personal Support to Get College & Career Ready

At YC, students of all faiths come together under a shared respect for Christian values where small classes and a personal approach to college and career counseling are focused on helping students set and achieve ambitious goals. Beyond the classroom, students explore their interests, enjoy meaningful opportunities to connect with their friends and peers and develop critical skills by participating in over 45 sports teams and 60 extracurricular clubs and activities.

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We would love the opportunity to show you around the York Catholic high school and middle school campus and share the many great experiences available at YC. Reach out to request a tour or contact the Admissions team to start a conversation.

YC Fast Facts

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YC Student Fast Facts

At YC, our students shine as they set and achieve their academic, athletic, artistic, and personal goals. It is our honor to be a part of each student’s journey and while success is about so much more than numbers, the fast facts below help illustrate all we can achieve together.*

Our Students

  • 500 students in grades 7 through 12
  • Students attend YC from across York County, Northern MD and beyond

The Experience

High Education Readiness

  • On average, 95% of student go on to pursue higher education at prestigious colleges and universities.
  • Students are offered an average of over $10 million in higher education scholarship dollars annually.
  • YC has guaranteed admissions relationships with many prestigious higher education institutions.
  • YC students’ SAT scores are higher than both the PA state and national averages in both math and reading.

Faith & Service

*All statistics are based on numbers as of June 2024.

YC Impact Stories

Ensuring our students receive the best private school experience is at the heart of our approach to education. We are inspired every day by YC stories of growth and achievement. Hear from our current students, families and alumni on how YC made an impact on their lives. We’re honored to be part of so many incredible journeys.

I Learned from the Best

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“York Catholic taught me the importance of service.  YC taught me what it means to give back.  This lesson wasn’t taught from a textbook or a lecture, nor was I asked on the SAT what service means.  Rather, it was through example that I acquired the value of service.   I watched teachers ensure that lessons were well prepared, and I watched teachers extend extra help sessions before and after school.  I watched retired faculty members come back to fill in as substitute teachers, cafeteria volunteers, and study hall proctors.  It was through YC’s model of service that I have been inspired to give back to my school, my community, and my country.

York Catholic taught me gratitude.  I was grateful for caring teachers, a safe place to go every day, and for the numerous opportunities York Catholic offered me.  While at YC, I played varsity sports, served on student council, competed in regional mock trial competitions, and even sang and danced a little on the auditorium stage.  We didn’t have the newest tech or an Olympic-sized swimming pool, but we learned to have heart, and a dedication to excellence.  I knew gratitude for the things YC offered, and you can’t put a price tag on that kind of an education.

York Catholic reinforced the importance of family.  It’s the student body raising money to support pediatric cancer awareness. It’s gathering as a school for a prayer service amidst the tragedies which plaster the evening news daily.  It’s seeing the people you work with or go to school with not only as your peers, but as your neighbors.  It’s the reason I get so excited to tell others about my school.

I’ve learned that only at YC will you see one of the biggest guys on the football team stop in the middle of the hallway to help a seventh grader pick up a dropped book.  Only at YC do students graduate as family. And it’s only at YC where I would’ve wanted to spend these past four years of high school.

I learned from the best, and I know that I carry life’s greater lessons with me wherever I go – the value of service, gratitude, and family.  Those too I learned from the best.”

Brian Hand ’18
U.S. Naval Academy Graduate

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