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Strategic Action Plan

Strategic Plan FY 2020 – FY 2024

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In late 2018 York Catholic Administration and the Board of Directors determined the need for a five-year strategic plan to establish priorities and create focus.  CTY Consulting Group was engaged to lead the process and develop the plan with the assistance of staff and volunteer leadership.

Overview of the Planning Process

The planning process kicked off in February 2019 with stakeholder interviews. Six focus groups were conducted, three for faculty and staff, one for the high school student council, one for the middle school student council, and one for parents.  Focus groups combined had over 65 participants.  Following the gathering of all input, draft mission, vision, and values statements were created, the strategic imperatives and goals were drafted and presented to the Strategic Planning Committee in May 2019.  The plan was updated in March 2021.

Vision Statement

To be the school of choice for secondary education in York County.

Mission Statement

Guided by a Christian moral compass, we educate our students in an atmosphere of faith, family, and mutual respect, preparing them to serve the global community.  

Values Statement

  • We believe in a faith community that promotes Gospel values and a Christian moral compass.
  • We believe in valuing and respecting each individual in a safe educational environment.
  • We believe collaboration between our students and highly qualified, compassionate faculty fosters academic excellence and lifelong learning.
  • We believe everyone is created in the image of God and we strive to develop the faith, heart, body, and mind of each student.
  • We believe in the value of diversity, and equity, and in each individual’s unique God-given talents and gifts.
  • We believe in the respect and dignity of human life in an atmosphere based on Catholic moral values.
  • We believe in stewardship, promoting the betterment of our school, church, community, country, and world.
  • We believe service to others is not only a witness to our faith, but a lifestyle.
  • We believe in the importance of self-discipline and personal accountability in the development of our students.

Strategic Conclusions

Strategic Conclusions serve as the backdrop to the planning process.  Based on the internal and external interviews, the strategic conclusions were formulated to guide the planning process as valued feedback from the market.  These themes served as one of multiple inputs to the creation of the plan.

  • Growth of student enrollment is critical to the continued viability of YC.
  • The partner Parishes and elementary schools play a key role in guiding students to the high school – we need to develop stronger relationships and more collaboration.
  • The physical plant improvement is desperately needed and will be an asset when attempting to recruit new students to YC.
  • There is a need to increase the level of awareness of YC all around, including outcomes, faculty credentials, and the acceptance of non-Catholics.
  • Public perception of the Catholic Church continues to be a challenge to recruiting new students both Catholic and non-Catholic.
  • The donor base has a lot of untapped potential, especially as it relates to alumni.
  • The incorporation of faith and morals into the curriculum and a rigorous academic environment focused on college preparation is viewed as a significant competitive advantage for YC.
  • Technology is viewed as deficient by some and sufficient by others, depending on perspective.
  • Tuition is an important issue and one that draws a lot of discussion – the best way to discuss tuition moving forward is in the form of value – what are students and families receiving in return for their investment.
  • Faculty and staff salaries and benefits are well below market and somehow need to be improved to ensure our ability to attract and retain the best talent.

Strategic Imperatives, Goals & Objectives

Strategic Imperative #1: Grow and Sustain Enrollment

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Goal #1: Increase the Level of Community Awareness of YC

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive strategic marketing plan.
  • Maximize the Public Relations opportunities focused on student activities.
  • Increase the diversity of the student body by identifying and marketing to targeted student populations.

Goal #2: Successfully Implement the Campus Improvement Plan

  • Complete Phase I of the Campus Improvement Plan.
  • Complete Phase II of the Campus Improvement Plan.

Goal #3: Strengthen Connections and Relationships with Deanery Schools and Parishes

  • Regularly present the opportunities that YC provides to the Parishes of York County.
  • Establish a formal program that encourages YC students to visit with younger children in local Parish schools and affords opportunities for younger children to visit YC.
  • YC Administration will engage in regular communication with Pastors of the York Deanery.

Strategic Imperative #2: Recruit and Retain the Best and the Brightest Faculty, Staff, and Volunteers

Goal #4: Recruit and Retain Top Tier Faculty and Staff of Diverse Backgrounds

  • Develop relationships with institutions of higher education and offer student teaching opportunities.
  • Annually assess the recruiting protocol for new faculty, making adjustments as needed.
  • Annually assess the compensation of faculty and staff as compared to the market and adjust as appropriate.
  • Annually assess the market competitiveness of YC’s benefit package and make adjustments as appropriate.
  • Work with partner schools to implement a reciprocal reduced tuition model for children of faculty and staff.
  • Provide regular and relevant professional development opportunities for administration, faculty, and staff focused on equity.

Goal #5: Recruit and Retain Dedicated and Qualified Volunteers

  • Develop a matrix of volunteers and skills for each major volunteer organization and intentionally recruit to fill the gaps.
  • Develop and implement a succession plan for key volunteer positions.

Strategic Imperative #3: Provide exceptional, Faith-Based Academics and Student Experience

Goal #6: Continue to Achieve Academic Excellence

  • Increase the number and variety of AP and dual enrollment classes offered by a minimum of four.
  • Implement assessment analysis of standardized testing by department to annually inform curriculum instruction.
  • Develop a metric to measure academic achievement.
  • Continue to enhance STEM and STEAM curriculum offerings, utilizing the newly renovated spaces for this purpose.

Goal #7: Continue to Enhance the Student Experience Beyond the Classroom

  • Provide students a variety of opportunities to explore and grow their personal faith.
  • Develop and operationalize a meaningful Student Life Center to provide students the opportunity to enhance their daily experience.
  • Develop and operationalize a robust College and Career Readiness Center.
  • Develop and implement a robust mentorship program for students utilizing alumni and community volunteers.
  • Create avenues to encourage improved personal communications for students, parents, and school personnel.

Strategic Imperative #4: Develop and Implement a Sustainable Operating Model

Goal #8: Diversify and Optimize Revenue Streams

  • Utilizing fund development professionals, grow the YC endowment a minimum of $100,000 per year for five years.
  • Grow EITC/OSTC/SPE and other tuition assistance programs to $1 million annually by 2024.
  • Develop a robust YC Alumni Association to feature relationship development, networking opportunities, and program/targeted giving.
  • Develop and implement a planned giving initiative.

Goal #9: Create a Formal Financial Reporting Process

  • Develop a five-year financial forecast to include projected tuition increases.
  • Develop and implement a financial reporting mechanism that identifies variances to budget and notes reasons why the variance exists – strive to reduce variances.
  • Annually prepare a budget from the ground up based on solid, relevant assumptions for the coming school year, questioning every expense.
  • Enhance financial reporting by comparing actual results to prior year and budget.

Goal #10: Enhance the Effectiveness of Governance

  • Establish an Executive Committee of the School Board.
  • Review and revise the School Board Committee structure to meet the needs of the school.
  • Develop and implement a succession plan for the School Board and related Committees.
  • Annually conduct a School Board planning retreat.
  • Establish a Board Development/Governance Committee of the School Board

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