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Family Customized Tuition


York Catholic Middle and High School is excited to share an important announcement regarding our tuition structure that will be implemented for the 2023-2024 school year. As part of this year’s re-enrollment process, we are excited to inform you of YC’s new Family Customized Tuition program. 


NEW! Family Customized Tuition

Much like the YC educational experience is personalized to each student’s individual needs, Family Customized Tuition replaces the one-size-fits-all model to match each family’s education contribution to their unique financial circumstances. 

  • Your tuition contribution is personalized based on your unique means and needs, ensuring it is the right fit for your family.
  • Similar to the FAFSA process used at colleges and universities, families will use the same Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) platform we have used in recent years to complete the online Financial Questionnaire that factors in individual financial circumstances such as your annual income, debts, family size, and obligations to determine your personalized tuition contribution. 
  • Following completion of the confidential questionnaire, your Family Customized Tuition contribution for the 2023-2024 school year will be confirmed by YC and you will receive formal notification by e-mail.
  • Participating in the Family Customized Tuition program is not required. Families may choose to opt out and contribute the regular tuition rate as an alternative.


Why Offer Family Customized Tuition Now?
This change makes the York Catholic education experience, which we all know can be transformative for our students, accessible to more families in our area. It is also critical to positioning our school to continue to thrive into the future. We are not immune to the enrollment challenges many Catholic institutions around the country are facing. We also recognize there are many families who would like to have their children at YC but see the current tuition model as prohibitive. The decision to offer Family Customized Tuition is a proactive one that was made after extensive research and analysis, including conversations with many Catholic schools around the country who have successfully implemented similar programs for their families. 

The addition of Family Customized Tuition will help ensure YC can continue to be the go-to private education resource for families who align with our mission and values, seeking a place their children can uniquely prepare for college and career, while also preparing their hearts and minds for the challenges and opportunities of today and for the future. 

We understand you may have questions about the program and process; our team is here to help you secure the answers and information you need. We have included some questions we understand you may have with answers below and are here to provide personalized support to get you the information you need. 



Our YC team has reached out to each family with a letter and email regarding Family Customized Tuition. Our goal is to make sure you have the opportunity to review this information and get any questions you have answered. You are invited to contact Principal Katie Seufert directly with questions or feedback 717-846-8871 x1312 or or connect with Admissions Director David Butler at 717-846-8871 x1354 or  

We are grateful and honored to be your partner in your children’s education and thank you for all you do to support YC.

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