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Summer Assignments

summer reading lying in grass


The summer reading recommended book list ensures there is a topic for everyone’s interests, and that the summer read is a positive experience and a fun adventure. Our English Department invested time developing reading lists per grade level, to include a few classics, nonfiction, realistic and historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and dystopia. Take time with your student(s) to peruse the list, making sure their book choice meets with your parental approval. A synopsis is included with each title to assist with selection. Students will be asked to respond to a written prompt referencing their title once they are back in the classroom in late August. Honors students will be expected to complete assigned reading above and beyond what is asked otherwise; those assignments are listed as well. We wish your family a safe and fun-filled summer, and invite all of you to pick up one of the titles listed to enjoy on the beach, by the pool, on a long car ride, or in a shady chair in the backyard. Happy reading, everyone!




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